‘LIFE IS FUN’ printed on Sihl MASTERCLASS Lustre Photo Paper


7. August 2018
Katja Pschierer
If he isn’t working at his event and design company, he’s pursuing his passion for travel. Yasuo Maeda captures the atmosphere and sensations of everywhere he goes with his camera. His favourite places to visit are European cities, which can be seen in his most recent work, ‘Life is fun’.

Sihl editorial team: What‘s behind the title, ‘Life is fun’?

Yasuo Maeda: I believe every day holds something special for each of us. With my work, I want to reflect emotions or atmospheres that I’ve experienced on trips to certain places.

Sihl editorial team: Why did you focus on different European cities?

Yasuo Maeda: I took my first trip to Europe when I was studying, when I spent a month backpacking around the continent. I felt so emotionally touched by the places I visited that I returned several times. Some time went by and in 2013 I started to take pictures in Spain. Since then I’ve photographed various places in Europe at least once a year. I selected a collection of images from Spain from 2013/2014, from Paris from 2015, from Palermo and Milan from 2017 and from Paris and Bilbao from 2017 for this particular exhibition.

Sihl editorial team: Why did you choose SIHL MASTERCLASS Lustre Photo Paper?

Yasuo Maeda: It was my first exhibition and I asked my friend, Mr Endo from Studio Endo, to look at my imagesand recommend a material. Then things took their course. I was impressed by the material as the print perfectly expressed the vibrancy and colourfulness of my photos.

Sihl editorial team: Which printer did you use and how were the photos presented?

Yasuo Maeda: The photos were printed using the HP DesignJet 5200PS and the printing and processing were done at Studio Endo.

Sihl editorial team: Do you use any other Sihl media?

Yasuo Maeda: Not yet. That was the first time I used SIHL MASTERCLASS media.

Sihl editorial team: Are you planning any other projects or exhibitions?

Yasuo Maeda: I’m planning to exhibit my work on the stone buddhists scattered at the base of Mount Yatsugatake in my hometown of Yamanashi. There will be a group exhibition at Gallery Storks starting on 5 June 2019.