The eezeetags® family

A self check-in revolution

13. July 2021
Melanie Lubetz
Since the global pandemic, demand for self-service solutions at airports is greater than ever. They enable the growing number of passengers to be served faster, saving time and money. Plus they also reduce contact with airport staff to a minimum – a huge advantage given the current strict hygiene precautions.

In early 2021, the growing demand for baggage tags prompted Sihl and eezeetags® to create the eezeetags® family. The companies were responding to the challenges of the market and have been working together since then, successfully driving self-service check-in for airlines and airports. “We work closely with all important kiosk providers and kiosk printer manufacturers and see ourselves as a solution provider, as eezeetags® is more than just a label,“ says Borry Vrieling, managing director of eezeetags®.

New business model for new market conditions

The forward-looking cooperation with eezeetags® B. V. is part of the innovative corporate strategy of Sihl – patent owner and producer of the PRESSURETAC material used to make the tags. Sihl is thus responding to the changed market conditions and quickly establishing a new business model.

Passengers want to travel in a more sustainable way. They want to begin their journey hassle-free at the airport and collect their luggage safely when they reach their destination. We want that too, and that is what our product is designed to achieve: eezeetags® ensures clean and secure labelling of bags. The composite material from Sihl used to make the tags has a number of benefits and USPs that are instrumental to the success of the eezeetags® family: PRESSURETAC adheres only to itself, which means no silicone paper is required. Not only is this environmentally friendly, as less waste material is produced and the base material is FSC®-certified, but the risk of accidents is considerably reduced as no slippery silicone paper is left on the floor. In addition, the tags can be removed without leaving residue so bags are not left feeling sticky. The tags are very easy to use. Passengers can print their tags directly at the airport in a process that is simple and contactless, and the whole system is self-explanatory so there is no room for user error.

The eezeetags® family system and processes are perfectly coordinated, so nothing can go wrong. At the airport, everything runs smoothly and the bags are guaranteed to arrive safely for collection at the destination. Airports and airlines benefit from a 200% increase in capacity without additional staffing costs.

Worldwide quality guarantee

With the eezeetags® family, a global network of leading baggage tag manufacturers has been established. Within the family, the tags are produced to the same specification under strict quality control. This guarantees worldwide availability and consistent quality for hassle-free self check-in.

The following leading manufacturers are currently licensed under the eezeetags® brand and the quality specifications:

  • Security Label GmbH, Germany
  • Kimoha Entrepreneurs, Dubai, UAE
  • George Schmitt & Co, Guilford, Connecticut, USA
  • Gateway Business Communications, Middle-Town, Connecticut, US

“The partnership between Sihl and eezeetags® has created a unique solution for the airline industry,“ says Ralf Schmidt, Vice President Sales EMEA/APAC of the Sihl Group.