Less plastic, more sustainability: GreenGrafX Photo Paper

Picture the World without Plastic

19. March 2024
Katharina Schumacher
Plastic is always and everywhere in our everyday lives - even in places where we wouldn't expect it at first glance. Did you know that all conventional photo paper is coated with plastic and therefore cannot be disposed of in the waste paper recycling cycle? This is because the coating contains polyethylene (PE) and it is not possible to separate this from the paper base

Our alternative: GreenGrafX

GreenGrafX Photo Paper 220 satin (3616) and GreenGrafX Photo Paper glossy (3617) bring you a big step closer to the idea of a world without plastic.

It is our first fully recyclable photo paper and the only environmentally friendly alternative to PE-film-coated photo papers – with brilliant printing results and 100% quality.

How could the “plastic” problem be solved?

Same quality, same colour brilliance, same gloss – but much less plastic. Sounds too good to be true?

Our secret is the finishing with a special bio-based barrier and the microporous coating, which replaces the PE film but retains its important properties for photo printing.

And that simply goes down well – with your customers and the environment.

Further advantages

  • Very good flatness, even with high ink application
  • Less sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity
  • Optimised for water-based ink systems
  • Excellent colour reproduction and wide colour gamut
  • Fast drying

Print. Impress. Recycle. Repeat.

GreenGrafX Photo papers are not only Made in Germany and FSC® certified, they are also 100% recyclable via the waste paper cycle.

Thanks to its recyclability, it is not only sustainable and conserves resources, your customers also benefit from the simple disposal option in their waste paper bin.

So after the photo is before the photo.


What does FSC® certification mean?

FSC® certification means that the material is sourced in accordance with the principles and standards for responsible forest management of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). In this way, you can be sure that our products are made from the appropriate raw materials.