TOP 100 Innovation Award

We are one of the most innovative companies in Germany

14. March 2024
Aline Jansen
The laughter is broad, the confetti cannon bangs and the innovation team toasts the great success with coffee and cherry cake. We've done it: Sihl has been awarded the TOP 100 Seal 2024 for special innovative strength and above-average innovation success

TOP 100 competition – what is it?

As the name suggests, it is a competition that recognises companies that stand out for their special innovations. However, this is not a unique selling point, as there are several such competitions. The difference is that TOP 100 is the only innovation competition in Germany that uses a scientific selection process to specifically scrutinise a company’s innovation success and innovation management – in other words, it includes all stages of the innovation process and does not just focus on individual products.

compamedia has been awarding the TOP 100 prize every year since 1993. In 2024, we were able to prevail against 387 competitors and are now one of the top innovators in Germany.

” We live innovation every day and being one of the TOP 100 is a great honour for us. We are proud that our work is bearing fruit and being recognised. “

Peter Wahsner (CEO Sihl Group)

” Innovation is an important part of our corporate strategy. We develop innovative processes, technologies and products for a sustainable future and take a holistic approach to innovation: scouting, research & development, business development & initial commercialisation – these are the three steps to success. And they are not limited to Sihl products, but also include technologies and business models. “

Steffen Ohr (Vice President Innovation Sihl Group)

What makes Sihl innovative?

As already described, it is not enough to develop an innovative product to be among the TOP 100. It is important to have an innovation process that shows that we are continuously and systematically working on innovations. Through our innovation team, we ensure that we are well positioned in this area and not only bring innovative products, but also technologies and even business models to the market.

Innovative possibilities in the area of personalisation

One example is our subsidiary Perigon. Thanks to innovative, patented technology, it is the first provider in the world to offer a process that allows complex 3D objects to be printed industrially over their entire surface. In brilliant colours, razor-sharp, free of distortion and independent of the material – for small and large print runs.

Our adelmo brand heralds a revolution in the packaging market. We have rethought the path from packaging idea to sales success for B2B customers. Behind this is not only an innovative technology, but also a business model: an online 3D configurator makes it fast and simple to create and order a customised design for individually printed stand-up pouches. And by working with local adelmo partners, the pouches are produced and delivered within just 5 days.

Innovation “Recyclable photo paper”

It’s not just about innovative products, but of course they also form a building block of our strategy. And here we have achieved a milestone in terms of sustainability: With GreenGrafX Photo Paper, we offer the first fully recyclable photo paper. Sustainability and environmental protection have become increasingly important topics for some time now. They have become indispensable and will continue to play a central role in the coming years. We are prepared for this, breaking new ground, developing products that fulfil these customer requirements and raising awareness.

Did you know, for example, that conventional photo paper does not belong in the paper bin because the coating contains plastic? No? Most users don’t. To avoid having to worry about this in future, we have developed GreenGrafX Photo Paper, the first photo paper that can be 100% recycled via the waste paper cycle. In contrast to conventional photo papers, it is not coated with polyethylene (PE) but has a special barrier. This replaces the PE film, but retains its important properties for photo printing.