Interview with Marion Pongratz

"Cooperation is a win-win situation"

31. July 2023
Marion Pongartz gives an insight into her everyday life at Sihl as an employee in Customer Service. For her, cooperation is one of the most important values of her work - not only within her own team, but also with customers

What do you consider to be the three most important prerequisites for good teamwork?

Marion Pongratz: First of all, I would like to say why teamwork is a very decisive factor for good and successful work for me. We are a team of four colleagues and simply create a good working atmosphere through respectful cooperation. And that in turn creates trust in the end.


But what are the prerequisites for teamwork to work?

Marion Pongratz: You need open communication, respectful cooperation and you have to be reliable and binding. But that is something that has to grow. You have to work at teamwork. It doesn’t happen from one moment to the next.


Why is teamwork important?

Marion Pongratz: Well, in one sentence you could say “work is more fun with teamwork”, but of course that is far too short-sighted. In our team, all members have different strengths, which everyone uses and contributes to the team. We get along well and can express criticism without anyone feeling personally attacked. And that has the effect, for example, that we don’t waste working time on conflicts.

But I don’t want the term teamwork to refer only to our small unit, but also to our clients, many of whom I have known for many years. We work in a client-oriented way and develop strategies together with our clients, we are cooperative so that it is a win-win situation for both parties. This increases customer loyalty.

Our active customer care creates trust and builds joint cooperation with the customer. It is also this proximity to the customer that enables us to benefit from their experience and we can use this for us, from product improvements to the development of new products.