A step ahead for sustainable labels on-demand

12. May 2022
Sihl combines economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. ESG (Environmental Social Governance) is the guiding principle and it sums up what we do

Sihl thus supports the worldwide efforts to increase the percentage of recycled plastic packaging. The EU, for example, is aiming for a 55 % share by 2030 (European Parliament and Council directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste).

Sihl FACESTOCK coatings in combination with on-demand laser or AQ inkjet printing technologies make it easier and more affordable to produce exactly the amount of labels needed, plus meet customers‘ personalisation requirements.

  • No more ordering pre-printed labels that are sometimes out of date by the time they arrive and are thrown in the bin
  • Flexibility up to the last second of printing to respond to new situations or to print special editions
  • Industrial digitally printed labels have long delivery times and consume extra CO2 for transport
  • Print labels in your own company or close to the customer to minimise transport distances and time

Sustainable leadership

Sihl FACESTOCK is leading the way to more sustainable labels for print on demand applications.


The FACESTOCK range includes BOPP and PET films in various sizes and colours. Together with the right adhesive, they support recycling efforts, whether by enabling mono-packaging or automatic sorting during recycling.


To reduce CO2 emissions, 11 products with DUAL printing technology are available. This reduces inventory along the entire logistics chain, as only one product is needed for at least two printing technologies, such as inkjet and laser for example.


Sihl saves resources in the use of materials and offers two aqueous inkjet products with reduced weight. Compared to the corresponding PET or BOPP grades their total weight is reduced by 20% or 40%. This saves valuable raw materials and increases productivity thanks to the higher number of labels per roll.


Sihl is a pioneer and has already developed the first variety: 7054 CPr-50 gloss IHG1 is the first product made from 90 % Post Consumer Recycled BOPET! It offers the same clarity, mechanical properties and printing characteristics as its non-PCR counterpart and is ideal for product labelling on clear bottles.

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