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We take the next step on our #sihljourney and further expand our business in the USA

27. February 2023
Aline Jansen
In December 2021, we made an important milestone on our #sihljourney and acquired Dietzgen Corporation®. This has allowed us to expand significantly in the USA.

The integration of Dietzgen Corporation® has now been completed.  Sihl Inc. employees at six locations now ensure that customers and partners nationwide are reliably supplied with just-in-time deliveries.

"We have reached the next milestone in becoming the leading supplier of high-end coated print media in the US. The new platform will allow us to drive growth in our established markets and expand our business with new innovations in the US."

Over the past few months, we have leveraged synergies, developed a joint strategy and thereby created an excellent offering for our customers. With six conveniently located sites in Charleston (Illinois), West Haven (Connecticut), Atlanta (Georgia), Tampa (Florida), Houston (Texas) and Corona (California), we can offer a whole new quality of service. Our two companies in the USA have also merged, so that we have moved the main location of Sihl Inc. including the Advanced Experience Center to Tampa (Florida) and now coordinate our business in the US market from there.